Work Samples

Below are some samples of my work as a radio journalist.


“Pittsburgh’s Mayor Faces Battle of Confidence,” 10/22/2006
“Financial Woes Force Pittsburgh into Bankruptcy,” 1/2/2004
“Mine Disaster Site Draws Tourists,” 7/24/2003
“Kickball is Back, For Grownups,” 10/17/2002
“Bush & Miners,” 8/6/2002

On the Environment Report:

“Questions About New Water Disinfectant,” 4/6/2009
“Inner City Church to Turn Water Into Heat?” 11/27/2006

On Voice of America:

“Fans Get Ready for the Super Bowl,” 2/3/2006


“Making Your Phone Sound Like Pittsburgh,” 7/29/2009  The ringtones people use on their cell phones can say something about their personalities, maybe their musical tastes. One artist has created ringtones from the sounds she’s heard around Pittsburgh. And she’s made them available for free online. DUQ’s Katherine Fink spoke with artist T. Foley.

“My Place in Pittsburgh” series, 2009
Ken Kornick

Martha Ann Terry

“What Pittsburgh Means to Me” series, 2007-2008
Ali Parham

James Gianella